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ICT in a Hostel-Based Learning Environment (Nawaraj Basnet)

  ICT in a Hostel-Based Learning Environment Nawaraj Basnet Department of Computer Science Education is a dynamic field that constantly adapts to the changing needs of society. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has emerged as a foundation in this transformative journey. Within the unique context of the Nepal Police School, where students reside in hostels, face restrictions on personal devices, and rely on limited computer resources in the lab, the integration of ICT in education presents various challenges. While the policy restrictions may seem to limit the scope for innovation, creative solutions can be devised to the use of personal devices for the betterment of the educational experience. One of the foremost challenges faced by educators in this setting is the limited access to resources, particularly the restriction on the use of personal devices for students. However, this obstacle has been dealt with by the teachers here with creativity and resourcefulness. Teacher

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